Michael Render (michaelrender) wrote,
Michael Render

Films that make you go Huh?

I saw Vampyr last night with kreidler. All I can say is, Huh?

It's a 1932 film by Carl Theodor Dreyer. It claims to be a sound film, but all you can hear is music and poorly recorded German dialog. It is so weird to see doors slam and hear nothing. The one sound effect was the driving of the steel spike through the Vampire's heart. (ting, ting, ting)

Only about half the dialog is subtitled and that is done in a germanic script that is hard to read.

The film moves about like a weird dream. Nothing seemed to make sense. But the end has a classic death scene. The vampire's helper gets drowned in flour! That's right, the stuff you bake with.

Synth Cleveland should consider this one for their next Unsilent Movie. There are no wrestling masks, but what the heck!
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