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It was a weird and wonderful time last night at the Lime Spider in Akron. I finally got to meet a lot of the people from LJ in person. That is always a treat. tyloreal is much cuter in person than her LJ picture. Here were some of the highlights:

Bryan, the singer for Set to Burn kept his pants on. Last show we did together he just wore a thong.

Found the worlds biggest butt plug in the porno store next to the club. We couldn't really figure out what the attraction is for a butt plug with an 8" diameter at the base, but the guy at the store said that he had ones that were much larger.

android23 was great again when he came up to sing Skin Machine with Stephen. He should start his own band. Hey wait a minute....

Got my very own Chew's Eye Shop button and T-Shirt.

Got to do an interpretive dance of Peter Murphy's Cuts You Up with Tiffany.

I got caught staring at Lisa's rack, but I denied I was doing it.

I wore my new leather pants which left horrible black stains on my legs.

I licked tyloreal's nose. She wasn't too pleased.

android23 and I stared at tyloreal untill she convulsed and hid her face.

Actually got paid! Whoo hoo!

I am sure I will recall more cool things about the show, but I am tired.

The best thing was no drunk guy grabbed my balls, flashed Stephen or threw up on gimp_infatuate's gear.
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