I am Published

My first magazine article just hit the stands. I wrote a piece called "The Case For Vintage Electronic Drums" for Not So Modern Drummer Magazine. So can I now add "published author" to my resume?

A little bit sad

I hang out a lot on the electronic drum forums and consider my fellow posters friends. I got the news today that one of those friends lost his battle with cancer. "Lost his battle" I guess that sounds better than died senselessly at too young an age. I think I will go read some John Donne.

Random Thoughts

Thursday was Jason's 12th birthday. Holy crud, he is almost a teenager. We surprised him with a cake at Tae Kwon Do class.

I got a new phone because I hated my old one. It is an HTC Touch Diamond. I really want an iPhone, but we live in an AT&T dead zone.

I am spring cleaning. Stuff either needs to be put away, thrown away or sold on eBay. (Say it out loud, it rhymes)

I can't believe how much my junk is selling for on eBay.

I had scallops for the first time this weekend. Kreidler made them for me and they were de-licious! me.

I love my Kindle 2. I am now reading the New York Times on it.

My new clients think that I am "creative and innovative." Aww shucks - I am blushing.

My Passion

eBay just offered to Fuel my Passion for 7 pc Corelle Winter Frost Cereal Bowls! I didn't realize I had a passion for Corelle Winter Frost Cereal Bowls. Or that anyone did, for that matter!

Nerd Fest 2009

I spent the weekend at the Ohio Anime & Gaming Convention in Cincinnati. It was, indeed, a rich kaleidoscope of the nerdly, disturbed and socially awkward. My kids had a blast. This was Kreidler's first con.

We get in free to these things because I provide AV equipment.

This was also our first con where we stayed in a hotel. We mostly go to ones in Akron and Cleveland. The kids finally got to stay up late, doing god-knows-what.

Pictures later.

Do I play bass?

I went to the Getaway Pub for jam night and it was like one of those nightmares you have where you are on stage, but you have no idea what you are doing. No bass player showed up, so I played bass all night. People were calling out songs I never heard of, let alone knew how to play. Thank goodness I can watch guitar players and follow the basic chord structure. And 16 bar blues walking bass patterns are a snap. But when I had to play Queen and Rage Against the Machine, well lets just say that was more interesting than good.

The most often used keys last night were A Blues, E minor and G Major.

The most fun is when me, a guitar player and a drummer spontaneously played Maggot Brain by P-Funk. The worst was when the Country Western Git-Fiddle player decided to join us in Maggot Brain. I don't believe it was ever meant to have a twangy Telecaster! Heh.

We also had a hammer dulcimer player who was kicking out some serious folk jams.

Fun times and I was home by 10:30!

Interesting Mix

I used Genius on iTunes for the first time. I selected Pure by Gary Numan and hit the button. It came up with an interesting list: Velvet Acid Christ, Front Line Assembly, KMFDM, Dolby, etc. Those I understand. But Sub-Mission by the Sex Pistols? Go figure.

Kindle 2

I took some of that PayPal money I got from selling gear and ordered a Kindle. My eyes are getting too bad to read from my PDA screen. We will see how it goes.